WordPress Tips and Tricks to Add Categories and Subcategories

You can sort your content into tags, categories, and taxonomies in WordPress. Categories may consist of child categories or subcategories. Here, we will discuss how to add categories and subcategories to your WordPress site and how it can help in SEO.

Tips to Add Category in WordPress

You may add a new category when writing a post in WordPress. Scroll down to categories Meta Box on “Post Edit” screen and then choose “Add New Category” link.

WordPress also allows you to add new category without having to edit a post. All you need to visit Posts > Categories page and add new category. To create categories before putting content in it, this method literally works.

Steps to Add Child Category in WordPress

The steps to edit child categories are as same as adding parent categories. Simply scroll down to enter “Categories” section on “Post Edit” screen and go to “Add New Category”. You can add new category name in the text field and dropdown menu to choose parent category.

You may also go to “Pages > Categories” page. Rename your child category and choose the parent category from the dropdown menu named ‘Parent’.

How It Can Help in SEO?

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