Marketing Secrets Unlocked – The Persona Is Quicker Than The Eye

Persona Is Quicker Than The Eye

Did you know that many successful Internet Marketers suffer from professional split-personality syndrome?

Ever heard of a guy known only online as “The Rich Jerk”?

I thought you might have. Old and tired jerk now eh?

Fact remains it was one of the most impressive marketing campaigns in Internet Marketing. Perhaps by accident.

You’ll probably fall into one of two ‘rich jerk’ camps. You’ll either love him or loathe him. He doesn’t care which because either way he wins.

If you love him you’ve probably bought the book. If you loathe him you probably bought the book to see what all the fuss was about.

And if you DIDN’T buy the book I’ll bet you’ve added to at least one forum thread to give your opinion on this genius/doofus.

You (we) have been royally marketed to by the rich jerk. He was headline news in IM land. He got it SO right and his bank account will tell you the same story.

Since the birth of the “Rich Jerk” many an online marketer has tried to follow suit with their own “jerky” persona.

They’re only doing what the gurus say we should do –

And that is, to take what already works for other marketers and improve upon it.

The problems arise when there is no foreseeable way to improve upon what was previously done.

Rich Jerk worked because he was the first. The emotions he sparked ranged from anger to devotion.

People see the same technique coming a MILE off now and won’t give it the time of day.

The people who jumped on the bandwagon mostly only managed to make people feel indifferent towards them, and that’s the kiss of death in marketing. If you’re going to innovate then INNOVATE – don’t be a follower.

This is SO hard to get right. In fact most people who DO get it right aren’t exactly sure why it went right in the first place. It’s like throwing mud at a wall to see if any sticks.

If it does, great – if not you’re just left with a pile of mud and a dirty wall.

Why is why if you’re going to try an innovative method of marketing, you might be better doing it under a pen name, or a ‘rich jerk’ type name.

Because if it doesn’t work you could tarnish your real name (your brand) for good.

Most successful marketers including myself write under more than one name. They don’t make it widely known but it happens.

Working from behind your PC screen means that you can be anyone at all. You can develop different personalities for different aspects of your marketing. There’s nothing wrong in this.

Famous authors do it.

Gurus do it.

I do it.

If you’re trying something unusual or away from your usual brand, think about using another name to do it with.

If John Johnson, writing as Trixie LaMuff delivers first class info that I can use to boost my online business, I don’t care which name, or even gender, is correct. It’s the content that matters.

As long as you don’t do anything criminal or run off with anyone’s money, a pen name is certainly an option.

Yes, I do know the true identity of the “Rich Jerk”, and it’s not hard to do a little research to find it, but that was initially part of the hype – who IS the Rich Jerk?

Pen names – other personas – are common place in many industries. Gambling tipsters use them – rock bands use them to play small gigs – writers obviously too.

It’s a personal decision as to whether you’re comfortable producing products under different names. But whether you’re comfortable with it or not, it’s a good thing to be aware than many big Internet Marketers have more than one identity.

It gives you the scope to try out new ideas.

Don’t dismiss using different personas because you think there’s something morally ‘wrong’ about it. There isn’t.

There is no governing body in IM – no rule book and no referees. Try things out – get crazy – get brave – get drunk – whatever it takes to free up your idea monster.

Pen names give you the chance to be who you want to be. In 100 years this won’t be possible.

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