How to Use Google Search Console to Grow Website Traffic?

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Google Search Console is a free tool from Google to help websites to keep track and maintain the presence of their site in Google search results. It has vital marketing data to start tracking from first day itself. It also alerts about security issues, errors, and indexing issues which may affect search rankings of your website. All this information can be used in SEO strategy to improve your traffic.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog/Website?

How Do I Start a WordPress Blog

WordPress is supposed to be best choice if you want to start blogging due to these reasons –

  • User-friendly
  • Blogging becomes as easier as writing email
  • Have your own domain
  • No monthly fees (Simply buy a host and domain name)
  • More power to make your money from blog some day
  • Comes with over 5000 themes to match your taste

When it comes to start your WordPress blog, the first step here is to know the framework. WordPress is basically a content management system (CMS) platform to upload pictures, post content, and type words. It is designed well to work well for people with different experience levels, so you won’t have to know anything much related to coding. There are two forms of WordPress – and Here are the detailed differences between both –

  • org means you have a website and host yourself (we will discuss it later).
  • In, your site will be hosted by WordPress for you.
  • com is a great system, but you won’t have much customization or control on your blog.
  • On the other side, you can secure, customize and backup the site on your own with You can even find thousands of plugins and themes to stand out with your site. This is something what a serious blogger needs.

What will you need to start WordPress Blog?

  • Choose your domain name
  • A hosting account (SiteGround)
  • WordPress
  • A WordPress theme (sometimes charges a small fee or sometimes free, according to your preference)
  • Your credit card (to purchase hosting)

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How Would You Know If Your WordPress Website is Hacked?

How Would You Know If Your WordPress Website is Hacked
We have often wondered about the signs to know whether WordPress site is hacked. Well, there are some common signs to find out if your WordPress website is compromised or hacked.
If you notice a sudden loss in website traffic at Google Analytics reports, it shows that your WordPress site is hacked. Different Trojans and malware may hijack the traffic and redirect the visitors to spammy pages.
Another reason is safe browsing tool from Google. It might show warnings to the users that the site may have virus. Every week, around 20000 websites are blacklisted by Google for malware and 50000 for phishing. Hence, every website owner should be serious about WordPress security.
Data injection is another common sign of hacking. The attackers create a backdoor to your site to modify your WordPress database and file. They may also add links to Spammy sites. These links are usually added to the footer of your site. There are certain ways to track and fix the backdoor permanently.

Who is a best web hosting provider, and why?

SiteGround: It is best-hosting markets across the world and offers well-crafted, high quality hosting solutions, such as shared hosting to Dedicated hosting for larger businesses.


When your website’s address is entered, the browser sends a request to the hosting server to load files. Though website speed depends on different variables, your hosting server sends the files to the browser as efficiently and as quickly as possible. SiteGround offers great speed to the site. Time to First Byte (TTFB) is one of the major factors that play a vital role in site speed.


SiteGround has a robust set of features, especially if you are a beginner. They have endless email accounts and databases. They back up every day. So, you won’t need to worry in case your own backup fails. It also has top-class cPanel to manage the server and has a simple user account.


It does really good with their clients. They are responsive and transparent in all channels, even phone. They have virtually custom knowledge in customer support and comments. It is also clear that their staff is very talented to help developers.

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Reasons for Changing Website Hosting

Reasons for Changing Website Hosting

There are a many reasons why you might want to change your web hosting provider. You may have seen an amazing offer from a competitor, or you might just feel that you are paying too much to your current provider for the service you’re getting from them. You may even have been at the receiving end of poor service, and want to move to a company where you will be a more valued customer. Here is the Reasons, Why I switched to a new web hosting