Marketing Secrets Unlocked – Your Product Must Have A Story

Everyone loves a good story.

To make a lot of money online all you need to do is to turn yourself into a master storyteller.

Your product won’t do much if it’s just another ‘how to make money online’ product. But if it has a story – for example ‘Pregnant Abandoned 19 year old almost lost her home UNTIL she found this amazing money making secret’

Now THAT’s a story albeit disguised as a sales page (or is it the other way round?)

It’s corny – it’s hype – but it still sells.


People need to empathize with you. They need to find common ground with you, because it makes it easier for them to justify to their ‘inner voice’ why they should buy your product.

I’m not going into the psychology of it all here, but every person who reads your product sales page is having an inner discussion with themselves. They’re looking for the ‘catch’ in your sales letter but at the same time they’re also trying to convince themselves why they should buy it.

Experts will tell you differently of course – they’re wrong.

Most experts don’t write high conversion sales copy. I do.

My advice is to listen to your emotions the next time you read a good sales page. It’s like being a child again, listening to a fairy story. You know that it’s not all true – but you want to believe and all you need is a good reason to believe and you’re hooked.

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That reason is personal empathy.

All the best sales pages try to ‘connect’ with you in some way. That’s why the rags to riches stories always work – the ‘used to be in debt but now earn $100,000 a month’ stories work.

 Because you are or have been in a similar position, and you want the same lifestyle as the person in the sales copy. They ARE you, in your imagination.

Try split testing your products. Put a sales page that just focuses on the features and benefits of the product on one site, and the exact same sales page, but with a personal story attached.

Watch which one sells better.

Because you can tell (sell?) them YOUR STORY about how you learned to do it.

Gurus use stories to great effect. Read the sales pages of the guru’s big launches. Empathy – personal stories – things the reader can relate to.

It’s a huge selling trick.

Are the stories real………..?

Only the guru knows.

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