Secrets Marketing Method That Work For You: Cheap sells

We’re often told that the way to make it big in IM is to sell ‘high ticket items’

The problem with high ticket items is that they cost too much.

And it’s near impossible for someone who’s just starting out to sell a product costing $997 with any conviction.

I sell a little report that isn’t even mine. I bought it with resell rights and it cost me $3. It’s a great value, great content item that I sell at $9.

To date it’s brought me tens of thousands of dollars in sales because it solves a problem for people. It’s targeted solely at people browsing the net looking for a solution to a particular problem that they have there and then.

(again using long string keywords – keywords that are pretty defined – eg ‘remove Trojan daylight 4442 from Windows Vista’ rather than just ‘remove trojans’).

I rank at this position not because I’ve spent any real time on SEO (in fact I just wrote the sales page to include my ‘string’ as many times as possible and the search engines naturally picked it up) and I use a very low priced adwords ad too.

The result is that people find my site and are happy to pay $9 to get their problem solved there and then without having to do any further searching. OR they look at the price and think ‘I’m not paying $9 when I can find the information I need for free on Google’ and go away and search again.

Two hours later if they’ve not found the info they need they’re happy to come back to my site and pay $9 for the luxury of not having to search any more.

If my product cost $997 they simply would not consider buying it. Sure – I might sell one every three months but it certainly wouldn’t bring in the amount of money it has done.

OK – this is important. In my opinion, big ticket items are intended for people to buy as they’re caught up in the emotion and hype of a new launch.

Rarely do people go back to an item after 6 months and buy it at full price. Either it’s been hugely discounted after the launch or it’s now free or comes as a bonus in a membership site.

But rarely does an item for $997 – a big guru launch – cost $997 three or six months after it’s been launched. The info hasn’t changed – so why not wait and pick it up for peanuts after everyone else has lost interest. I sure wouldn’t want to be trying to implmemnt a new money making system (wghich cost me $997) at exactly the same time as 1000 other people who bought it are trying to do the same thing.

It’s insanity.

However lower priced items will keep their value and quietly tick away pushing sales into your Paypal account day after day week after week for as long as you look after them.

You may make thirty thousand dollars (probably a lot more if we’re being honest) as a guru launching a high ticket item. You certainly won’t as a nobody (as most of us are). But start building good information product sites that sell for small prices and you could find that your monthly income exceeds $20,000 with no trouble at all – and what’s more it will continue to do so for as long as you want it to.

People are happy to pay $27 for the convenience of having information compiled and laid in front of them in an easy to read convenient format. They aren’t willing to pay $997 for it.

Best of all, by using Clickbank or some other affliate system you can have people go out and sell your small priced products for you for 50% of the profit. Get 10 of these products on the go and suddenly you’re able to quit your 9-5.

The guru model of doing things is flawed. It either works supremely well (for a very small few) or doesn’t work at all. YET this is the model we’re all sold, day in day ouy by big marketers.


Of course it’s because they make money by selling us the methods (we discussed this earlier in the book – more money from teaching others how you make money than actually using the methods you sell!) they use.

Instead why not look at WHAT they do – use the rarely revealed tricks in this book and establish a way of earning online. Once you’ve done that (again using the secret guru methods in this book) you can hop onto the gravy train, quite legitimately.

And of course, with low ticket items, people can handle the ‘risk’ better. Put $1000 on a credit card and buy an Internet Marketing course – you’ll know the REAL meaning of the phrase ‘my heart was pounding’

$27 is expendable. $997 isn’t.

Think about this, most of the “gurus” will tell you to “Work Smarter, Not Harder” to earn your money. Meaning, you need to sell far fewer high ticket items to make the same income as selling low ticket ones.

The ONE factor they do not count on is that most people don’t have that much to spend.

But, those same people have a LITTLE to spend. Those are the people you are going after.

If they’re trying to get into Internet Marketing, they want to spend money on something. I did when I started out. If they can afford $997 it doesn’t mean they won’t spend $27 on your product. In fact it means they’re more likely to, because they don’t have the option.

The people who CAN afford $997 may also decide to buy your product (what’s $27 after considering a $997 product?) especially if the sales page follows the guidelines we discussed earlier.

And of course the BEST reason. If you manage to sign them up for your list after they’ve bought you’ll have FARRRRRR more subscribers than the one or two or bought the $997 for the same profit.

After all profit of $1994 is only two sales (therefore two subscribers) at $997 per product.

If you make $1994 selling $27 products you could end up with 73 subscribers, all of which you can send offers to time and time again.

One thought on “Secrets Marketing Method That Work For You: Cheap sells

  1. Thanks for a great article. Agreed, it is much easier to sell a low cost product. High ticket products take much more work to convert.


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