How to Use Blogs to Drive Traffic to Your Site

How to Use Blogs to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Business blogs or blogs created by business organizations are getting very popular these days.  As more people realize just how powerful blogs can be for many reasons, more webmaster are more than ready to inculcate blogs into their website platform. Blogs can be used to dive traffic t your main website and here are some reasons why?

Reason #1: Dynamic

No one wants to be associated with a dull and lifeless website with a persona attached to it.  Blogs that has life and comes with a real person who is behind those pages is more attractive to the visitors. People are more willing to fork out money to be spent on websites that hey are confident will be responsive towards any form of queries of troubles they may face when using those products and services.

Reason #2: Search Engine

The search engines love new contents and blogs have the uncanny ability to ping the search engines every time a new post is being made to the blogosphere. Not surprisingly, blogs are indexed faster than static web pages. Pages from a blog are believed to be able to rank better on the search engines rather than static pages on a website.  Traffic from the search engines is the most targeted one around, and has the highest conversion rate in the online world; this makes it exceptionally enticing for webmaster to use blogs to drive traffic from his source.

Reason #3: Ease of Maintenance

Blogs come equipped with its own internal linking system and will automatically update all related links and internal pages every time a new post is made.  This is different in static pages where you have to manually link the pages together and create a new version of the site map if those pages were changed in any way.

Reason #4: Blog Directories

Blogs can be listed on directories that would give them the additional traffic. Every webmaster dreams of having tons of traffic daily to their websites and having an active blogs that is listed on blogs directories can certainly add to that amount. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs directories on the Internet that relates to any particular niche and by listing on as many of these would certainly give you that additional traffic you need.

Reason #5: Links

Pages from blogs are easily linked to by others as a form of reference as they are fresh information and highly relevant to the latest development happening in any particular industry. This offers a highly enticing form of link baiting where one successful post may be inked to by hundreds or even thousands of other blogs related to the topic in question which would give free link back to the site. Links pointing to the site will raise its rank on the search engines, which means more traffic to the website as a result.

These are just five reasons why people use blogs to drive traffic to a website.  There are many advantages to having on blog on your main website or on a separate platform that is pointing to it.

How to Select Proper Anchor Texts for Better Rankings

How to Select Proper Anchor Texts for Better Rankings

Anyone serious about improving search engine rankings should focus on anchor texts they are using while building links to the website. Anchor text is the keyword phrase you use when linking from some other site to yours. It is the hyperlinked text that is visible to human readers.

Just do a Google search for the phrase “click here”. The first result that comes up is the adobe site. This is mainly because a lot of sites have linked to the adobe site with the phrase “click here”. This shows the importance of using proper anchor texts while building links.

How to Select Proper Anchor Texts for Better Rankings

If some other site is linking to you then you may not have complete control over what text they use with the link. But in cases where you do have control then you have to choose a proper anchor text. When submitting articles to article directories, while doing social bookmarking or doing video submissions etc. you can choose your own anchor text.

Guidelines for Selecting Proper Anchor Texts:

The first thing to remember is that you should not use the same anchor text for each link to your website. You should vary it a little bit. Otherwise it will be a red flag in the eyes of Google and it might even penalize your website by dropping your rank.

So use a lot of variations and different keywords in your anchor text. Another important thing to remember is to choose your anchor texts very carefully.

You have to choose those keyword phrases that are neither too competitive nor too easy to rank for. If you use too much competitive keywords in your anchor text then building a few links may not help you in achieving top rankings for those keywords. You will probably need hundreds and hundreds of links in such cases.

On the other hand, if the keyword phrase has very less competition then you probably don’t need anchor text links in order to rank for that phrase. Just using that keyword phrase a couple of times in your website article might be sufficient in achieving a good rank for it.

So choose such keyword phrases that are a little difficult to rank for but which you can achieve with a little bit of work. Make a list of such keyword phrases that are relevant to your website, and then try to get as many links as possible with those keywords in anchor text.

Make sure to alternate between different keywords so that you can avoid using the same anchor text too often. Do not neglect the importance of anchor texts otherwise your link building efforts might not yield the results that are possible by using this strategy.

You can write and distribute articles, do website directory submissions, social bookmarking with the proper tags, video submissions, RSS feed submissions, create forum signatures etc. These methods will help you build backlinks with anchor text of your choice.

Every little bit can help in gaining high search engine rankings. Remember that top rankings are not something that you can achieve overnight. You will have to work hard for it and paying attention even to small things like proper anchor texts can go a long way in helping your cause!

Content Marketing and Social Media

social media

Social media and content marketing can work really well together, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs with limited resources. Once you’ve created a piece of content that you’d like to use for marketing and set up a functioning email list, you can use social media to look for leads.

There are four social networking websites that all business owners should be aware of. While you shouldn’t try to maintain a profile on all of them, you need to know they exist. Here is a short description of each of those websites as a refresher.


This is currently the largest social networking website in the world. It has been said to have over a billion users. In fact, some people would say that the number of Facebook users makes it the size of a country. The billion users are on the website for a variety of reasons but they’re largely social. People use Facebook as a tool for keeping in touch with friends, family, classmates, business associates and anyone else they want to connect with.

Because there are so many people using Facebook, it’s very valuable for businesses. There are about 15 million businesses using Facebook as a marketing and community building tool. One of the reasons that number is so high is because it’s free to have a Facebook account whether you’re a business or an individual. Another reason that number is so high is because being on Facebook gives you direct access to a lot of people in one central place.

Not only does Facebook have a free option for reaching your audience, it also has a paid service called Facebook Ads. This allows you to run ads on Facebook targeting a very specific demographic. You can also do it while working with any sized budget. You choose the keywords, audience and region you want to target and set the budget then run your campaign.

You pay a set amount for each person that clicks on your ad. Once your budget runs out, your ad stops running. Then you can go in and review the statistics and see how effective your ad was at getting leads.

With these two different ways to engage and interact with the Facebook community, it makes sense that about 15 million businesses would have a presence on the website.


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This is one of the largest social networking websites with a focus on micro blogging. Twitter users communicate through short 140 character posts. There are about half a million users on Twitter and over four million businesses on it. It’s free for a business to create a profile and start using Twitter.  Many businesses use Twitter to communicate with their audience. Some of them use it to feature giveaways and share special offers while others use it as a customer service tool.

Twitter provides a lot of value to businesses because it makes it possible for them to have conversations with their audience. It also makes it possible for them to tune in to the conversations being had and gain some insight into what people really want. Some brands have found very creative ways to leverage their Twitter community and experience a lot of benefit from it.

In addition to the free profile that every business can create, Twitter has a new advertising feature. You can either promote your specific Twitter account or promote specific tweets. It works two different ways.

          Promoted Account

If you want to get more Twitter followers overall, you would create a campaign to promote your account. You choose your budget and are charged only when someone follows you. Once your budget is exhausted, your campaign will stop running.

Promoted Tweets

If you want to highlight a specific tweet, you would create a campaign to promote that tweet. You choose your budget and are charged when someone interacts with your tweet in some way. This means that any time someone retweets, favorites or replies to your tweet you will be charged. Once your budget is exhausted, your tweet will stop being promoted.

Twitter is a very active community and the new advertising option makes it very valuable for businesses to reach a large audience at once. It’s even more valuable because you don’t pay until your tweet garners some kind of interaction or response.


With over 250 million users, LinkedIn is a social media community with a strong business to business audience. It’s largely used by companies as a recruiting tool and by people seeking job opportunities. The format of the profile is like an interactive resume and the groups are all centered on a type of professional development. People can only request connections from others that they have some kind of relationship with or have been referred to by someone else.

LinkedIn is the top business focused social media network. It’s free for businesses to create a page as long as there is a personal profile created by the person setting it up. There are different safeguards in place to ensure that LinkedIn remains a valuable network for the business community. LinkedIn has a focus on networking which is why users can’t randomly send requests to anyone. It also has different communities set up for individuals with similar professional interests can come together.

Those safeguards have worked pretty well so far which is why there are about three million businesses using the network. You can rest assured that the people following your business are doing it because they’re interested in your company specifically.

As a business user, you can share information about your company, including the website. You can also share company updates. In fact, the best way to make your LinkedIn page valuable is to actively share updates and information on a regular basis.

As with the other social networking websites, LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to purchase sponsored updates. You choose your target audience and how you’d like to pay and set your bid. Your post will be visible to that audience until your budget is exhausted then your update will stop being featured. The same goes for any ads you’d like to run.

You can run ads whether you have a business account or not but if you want to establish your brand on LinkedIn, it’s best to create a company page.


It started out as an online scrapbooking website but now Pinterest is one of the largest social media communities. It has over 70 million users. Initially the audience on Pinterest was largely made up of women who would share pictures of recipes, weddings, fashion and other women oriented lifestyle images.

It has since exploded with a growing and broadening audience and businesses began to see the benefit in joining the Pinterest community. It’s free for business to join Pinterest and there isn’t an official advertising feature just yet. Pinterest is experimenting with having promoted pins but there’s no definitive program currently in place.

Using Pinterest gives you access to the community of 70 million users that enjoy interacting with images and videos. You can use Pinterest’s visual focus to create an image that supports your brand.

Even though you can’t run ads on Pinterest, you can share pins that link back to your website and encourage people to make a purchase. Some businesses have experienced success with creating pin boards around a specific type of product and encouraging users to click through to purchase that product.

How to write a simple yet effective Press Release

Internet Marketers from all niche markets have witnessed incredible success both in search engine ranking and in the traffic and attention generated by releasing a press or news announcement.

How to write a simple yet effective Press Release

Here is a simple yet effective format for press releases:

1) For Immediate Release (or “For Release On “Date Here”).

2)  Compelling Headline

You need your press release to catch the attention of your prospects quickly. Now isn’t the time to try to be witty which can end up confusing. Make sure your title is strong and direct. If you want to get a few ideas from successful titles, browse through existing press releases and jot down notes that will help you create your own.

3) First Paragraph Hook

Your first paragraph is exceptionally important and needs to hook your reader in or you’ll lose their attention quickly. Include the “Who, What, Where, Why and Why’s” within your first paragraph for best results. Cut down any excess text that you don’t need and keep things focused and on track. Be sure that you highlight the most important aspects of your press release within the first paragraph.

4) Body

Continue weaving your body around your first paragraph, keeping it exciting, entertaining and interesting.  Keep the momentum going!

5) Contact Information

Be sure to include a mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address and of course, your website URL.

6) Finish your press release with three ### symbols which indicates in the professional world of publishing that it is the end of your press release.

Make sure to proofread your press release before publishing and have a friend go over it to ensure that it reads smoothly and is comprehensive, even to someone who may not be familiar with your niche market or website.

Prolist: Directory and Listing WordPress theme

To get the most of directory websites, webmasters need something different in design and theme. Usually, a directory website covers a huge amount of data. It has several specific features and uses a layout that can present that particular information. To develop a site like this, there are some unique challenges.

Prolist is a Directory and Listing WordPress theme to manage, create, and monetize your global or domestic directory website. Set your personal goals and list your favorite spots online.

In ProList you will find the top-quality listing design combined with the most recommended plugins. You have the power to create any type of online directory, thanks to its minimal and clean interface. It is one of the easiest WordPress themes for directory and classifieds to add convenience for the users.

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Key Features
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How to Make Blogging a Pleasurable and Profitable Hobby

Blogging can be a fun and enjoyable activity in our pastime.  Millions of people who have discovered the wonders of blogs and have utilized this platform as an enjoyable way to spend pleasurable moments working at the computer and sharing ideas, experiences and express their own views and opinions on current events. Certainly there is much fun to be derived from this favorite pastime of many.  But how do we make this pleasurable hobby profitable as well?

There are many ways you can make profits money from blogging.  A blog can be the platform for you to share your own special expertise with the rest of the world.  It really doesn’t matter what your passion may be there are people who would be interested in your talents and interests and blogs can be a very good way to gain exposure.

The first thing to do when you first start out blogging is to deliver string, passionate posts.  This means that you should have enough material to blog on or write about and do it passionately with feeling and enthusiasm.  People can easily distinguish between random ramblings of a half-baked blogger who is doing it for the purpose of getting words to pages and one who is absolutely passionate about his writings. 

This is the only way you can get the attention of your visitors and make them come back again and again to visit you.  The blogosphere is full of related posts on similar topics and people want to be entertained when they read your posts so be sure to deliver the message with full-impact if you want them coming back again.

The next thing is to blog on regular basis. If you come up with sporadic excellent posts, your visitors will not have a regular routine for them to visit and most likely they will tend to lose interest over a period of time. Be sure to set a regular time to blog each day or week and keep to this schedule no matter how inclined you feel to pursue other things. Be disciplined if you want success from your blogging effort.

The last tip to make money from your blogging work is to find the best way to monetize your blog.  There are plenty of ways you can do this but you don’t wan to spam your post or blog platform with these money-making ads or you will turn off your visitors fast.  So be sure to select only two or thee that you really like and test it out on your blog for a week or two.  If one or two doesn’t deliver the results you want, then consider changing it until you find those that does. 

Once you have established yourself as a regular blogger with a string of followers then make sure you don’t slacken up and neglect the necessary work to keep working at it.  There would need to be a continuous effort to sustain your success and ensure your visitors will be loyal to your blog and come back again and again.

5 Tips to Successful Blogging

Successful Blogging

We are all aware how blogging can change the life of people around the world. From ordinary everyday bloggers to readers of those blogs, the information shared has touched many lives and changed the direction of many people.  Blogs have a powerful influence on people worldwide and the opportunity it offers to share knowledge and ideas is second to none these days.  After all, how else can you tap into such a huge current and free collective knowledge of many in an easy and low-cost way?

If you are keen to be a successful blogger, here are five tips to help you achieve this easily. 

Tip#1: Passion

You need to have a burning passion for the job at hand before you can expect to create something spectacular.  When you are blogging, passion is an indispensable element that must be available before you can expect to churn out exciting posts for your readers.

Tip #2: Consistency

You need to be consistent with your blogging work or y7uo will lose the readership of your visitors. Be sure to establish the regular time for you to post to your blog and keep up with this schedule.  It would make it easier for your visitor to connect if there is a fixed schedule they can expect you to make the next post.

Tp#3: Responsive

Enable those comments form on your blog.  This is a great way to connect with your visitors and make them feel a deeper sense of rapport with you. You will be more likely to have a loyal bunch of visitors to your b log if you regularly interact with them through this comment form and post your replies rather than being an obscure, unreachable persona in the blogosphere.

Tip#4: Manners

Mind your manners even when you are blogging anonymously on the web.  Being in the virtual environment is no excuse for you to use abusive language, slang words that will turn off your visitors or post offensive materials on the web.  If you want people to respect you then always strive to create a close and respectable relationship between you and your visitors.

Tip#5: Informative

Be sure all your post contains at least one or two information that your visitors can use right way.  People are always looking for information that can change their lives and informative posts are crucial to ensure they come back again and again to your blog. The information you give must be unique and new and nothing that be found easily on the Internet. If you can come up with new and novel ideas, then hare it on your blog. This is the most powerful way to get more visitors to your site and retain the existing ones. 

There are five extremely easy to follow and yet highly effective blogging tips that all successful bloggers share.  If you can keep up with the blogging effort and maintain quality over a period of time, it would be easy for you to achieve whatever goals you may have with your blogging work.

Making Money As A Pro Blogger

Whatever angle you want to look at the question, you will get that same answer. It just varies on how you generate money by blogging, how much you earn on a monthly basis, and how stable the income can be.

There are bloggers who earn a few dollars every month from their blogs. There are also people in the blogosphere who earn six or seven digits from and because of their blogs.

How your Outlook should be when Blogging for Profits

You have to face reality that the big chunk of bloggers does not earn that much. You have to go up the ladder by working hard on your blog before you harvest the fruits of love in dollars.

Be Realistic. Dream big but keep your eyes on the level of reality. Your blog can definitely make some money but how much you put into should keep you at a check where you should level your expectation.

Aim High and Set Goals. There are a lot of success stories you’ll hear about people making it big online. When you start earning, plan your next steps. Aim realistically on how much you want to improve your blog and your earnings.

Keep your Day job. It will not be a wise decision to suddenly give up your day job because you want to concentrate on your blog. When you are starting as a blogger, you can do it part time to test the waters and establish your credibility online. Your blog can serve as another stream of income but keeping your day job is security of funds for your family.

Foresight. This is very important. Look at the goals you set and see how you will take the shots. Profitable blogs take quite a while to build. It doesn’t happen overnight but may take months to years.

Blogging does not create a totally passive income. What you write a few months back may still pour in some dollars but remember blogging is a very tedious task at times. You need to spend a few hours everyday to maintain a good blog that is very attractive to the readers and advertisers.

Tips on How You can Establish a Community in Your Blog

When doing your blog, you will be passing through different stages. You will be deciding what your niche will be. You will be developing contents and launch your website. After some time, you will develop a regular following of readers. Making these individuals interact by forming a community in your blog is a big fulfillment.

At first, people will be going to your blog to get the information that they need. A community will be formed when people start interacting. You will see that these readers will feel the responsibility to help each other out online. In the long run, there will be contributors of contents and your forum will be very active.

How do you link people and make them interact with each other. Here are some tips you can follow:

Encourage Comments

The first opportunity will be on your message boards. You need to encourage people to speak their minds and comment on your post. You can stir up interest when you ask questions and show interest in their opinions. When you get people to post some words you can interact with them and you will see the long term effects. You just have to be careful and monitor your posts for spammers.

Do something for Your Readers

You can develop posts that are totally about stuffs that interest them. You can answer the questions and request of your loyal followers by devoting posts for these topics. Put the spotlight to your readers from time to time and make them feel at home at your blog. This way they will be comfortable and feel safe to talk back.

Encourage Readers to Participate

Aside from asking for their comments, you can generate reader activity by running polls and surveys about a topic relevant to your blog. You can also invite readers to generate content for the blog. There will be experts out there who will be willing to share their knowledge and skills.

Lead the Way

If you want to form a community within the blog, you, as the blogger, must lead the way. Be the fire starter, be the cheerleader, be the guide of the community in your blog.

Why Blogging is a Wonderful Way to Create an Online Presence

Blogging is a great way to add new content to your website on a regular basis without the hassles of complex programming commands and file transfer protocols.  For the newbie, nothing can be as frustrating as the inability to get you site up and running. Add to that the task of regular updating contents and you have real challenge at hand! Blogs are lifesaver for these group of individuals or webmaster who wish to create an online presence without the need to master complicated programming languages and technical know-how’s.

How it All Began

Blogging starts as an activity of a small group of pioneers back in the early 1990’s as a way to keep each other updated of the current progress and developments.  What started as a convenient way to share ideas became a world wide sensation as more and more people come to know the wonderful platform blogs offer to anyone with a computer and Internet access.

The explosion of blogging activity started early in the mid 1990’s and continues to soar in popularity as with more free blogging platform made available to people from Internet giants such as Google and WordPress. The free platform offers anyone with the desire to create an online presence to start a virtual log on virtually any topic under the sun that they have a passion for and they can share those pages with the rest of the world.  It gave a deep sense of satisfaction to many blogger who do it simply for the sheer pleasure of blogging.

And then people learn to monetize these blogs.  This creates another revolution as the craze to develop more and more blogs for revenues continue to grow. Many creative ways to earn money from blogging activities were developed and shared.  People are starting to generate real big money from these seemingly trivial hobbies and the blogging industry for money was born.  Now blogging is equated with pure profits and steady income that can reach beyond six figures a month! New strategies are created and people learn to navigate their way though challenges to reach their ultimate goal, to make money from this blogging work.

More Reasons to Blog

Blogs continues to rise in number and currently, there are millions of blogs worldwide competing for attention from the online users.  To be successful in blogging, one need to find out the real reason and motive behind their blogging activities and make sure they are fulfilling those goals. Some blog for the pure pleasure of blogging, and other do it for monetary gains.  People are using blogs in a variety of ways.  Blog is a way to communicate you interest ad thought with the rest of the world without revealing yourself. Additionally, you can get your views out there in the blogosphere while being anonymous at the same time.

The Future of Blogs

Until the next revolution arrives with an even more enticing platform than blogging, this activity is expected to rise in popularity and will continue to be a popular way to express views and opinions share idea, make money, and share opportunities and for a dozen other reasons that only the blogger himself would know.

The future of blogs are bright and shining and it is expected that blogs will soon evolve into a new application that will enhance its application through the use of multimedia, interactivity, real-time applications and many more new features that would make it even more compelling for everyone to own a blog.