Make Money Online with WordPress Blogging

How to Make Money Online with WordPress Blogging

Make Money Online with WordPress BloggingWant to make money online without scams? WordPress is the top publishing platform which powers up to 27% of websites. Do what you love and make money with blogging and WordPress. Just keep in mind that it is not “GET RICH QUICK” scheme. It is a consistent process to make regular income at home. Most of these methods call for a little investment of money and time to start. [Continue reading]

How to Start a WordPress Blog/Website?

How Do I Start a WordPress Blog

WordPress is supposed to be best choice if you want to start blogging due to these reasons –

  • User-friendly
  • Blogging becomes as easier as writing email
  • Have your own domain
  • No monthly fees (Simply buy a host and domain name)
  • More power to make your money from blog some day
  • Comes with over 5000 themes to match your taste

When it comes to start your WordPress blog, the first step here is to know the framework. WordPress is basically a content management system (CMS) platform to upload pictures, post content, and type words. It is designed well to work well for people with different experience levels, so you won’t have to know anything much related to coding. There are two forms of WordPress – and Here are the detailed differences between both –

  • org means you have a website and host yourself (we will discuss it later).
  • In, your site will be hosted by WordPress for you.
  • com is a great system, but you won’t have much customization or control on your blog.
  • On the other side, you can secure, customize and backup the site on your own with You can even find thousands of plugins and themes to stand out with your site. This is something what a serious blogger needs.

What will you need to start WordPress Blog?

  • Choose your domain name
  • A hosting account (SiteGround)
  • WordPress
  • A WordPress theme (sometimes charges a small fee or sometimes free, according to your preference)
  • Your credit card (to purchase hosting)

[To know these steps in details please continue reading]

How to Customize Notification Emails for WordPress Comments?

Are you looking for the easiest way to customize notification emails about blog comments in your WordPress_(1)So you are looking for the easiest way to customize notification emails about blog comments in your WordPress? WordPress comments are supposed to increase user engagement and discussions on a lot of blogs. But when it comes to send notifications, WordPress doesn’t do anything much on comment activity. In this post, we will discuss the ways to customize notification emails and to improve user engagement. [Continue..

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Price?

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Price

If you want to launch a WordPress site, you may have come across several hosting providers offering managed WordPress hosting at different prices which are pretty higher than shared hosting. You might be wondering why there is so much difference in pricing. Do I really need managed hosting for WordPress? Is it really that much better? If you have these questions in mind, please read on About Managed WordPress Hosting